Baptism is a momentous moment in anybody’s journey of faith as it signifies the beginning of a life long walk with God. Whether this is for yourself or for your child, the promises of God are yours and it’s an opportunity to share this special occasion with friends and family as they too make promises to support and care for you (or your child) on this journey.

The church family is there to support you and they too make a promise to be there for you.

As parents we may baptise our children because we want them to grow knowing that they are loved by God. It’s important for them to know that they are just as much part of his church as we are.

Increasingly, many people come to be baptised in their adulthood or teens, when they have decided for themselves that they want to respond to God’s love and faithfulness. It’s always a complete joy for the church to celebrate this moment and rejoice in their responses to Jesus Christ and his love for them.

For some people it’s important that their child makes this decision for themselves but still want to give God thanks for their baby and this would take the form of a thanksgiving service.

Whatever your looking for, the vicar is always keen to help and discuss your options with you.